About Us

Williamstown was first settled in 1835 as the port for Melbourne, and the Society was set up in 1956 to collect, record, preserve and promote our local social history. You are assured of a visit full of nostalgia and interest and our volunteer guides endeavour to answer all your questions.

Williamstown was a “government town” with Immigration, pilots, customs, water police, tugboats, boat-building and ship building, Ports and Harbour yard, Astronomical Observatory, Railway workshops, Victorian Navy, Militia, Artillery, Rifle Range along with iron foundries, petroleum facilities, S.E.C. power station, etc. Such diversity is probably covered by no other Victorian Historical Society.

The Williamstown Historical Society is a member-based organisation managed by an elected committee. It consists of volunteers who undertake research, archiving, recording, preservation, collecting, displaying, acting as tour guides and promoting the History of Williamstown. Volunteers also provide assistance on the days the Museum are open.

Our Committee:

  • President: Russell Brown
  • Vice President: Janet Long
  • Secretary: Ian Miller
  • Treasurer:  Maurice Boyd
  • Committee Members: Steven Webb

Anyone who would like to assist in Volunteering, Computers, Graphics, Design, Handy man, Typing,  Displays, Research etc please contact us.