Message from the Acting President – September 2018

Published: September 18, 2018

Greetings to all our members and friends. Looking towards our 2018 Annual General on 27th September I have been reviewing the past twelve months, which have been very varied as regards the function of the Williamstown Historical Society.

The closure of the Mechanics’ Institute building meant a huge amount of planning and rearranging was undertaken. Packing up the items on show at the Museum was one thing, but packing items not normally displayed, listing them and checking catalogue numbers, etc. was very involved and took months of work. Many thanks to Ada Ackerly for her planning and to all the volunteers who helped so willingly.

The move of the ”office” to the former kindergarten and toy library in Woods Street, Newport, was very smooth and now that all the files, records, etc. have been re-housed there the usual
functions covering family records that we may or may not have, newspaper references, etc. continue. The packing cases are gone, some new shelving has been installed and we have space
to work.

The September Annual General Meeting means that all positions on the Committee are up for election. A nomination form is attached to this newsletter and you are encouraged to nominate either yourself or another members of the Society.

Our current President is making some progress with his health problems and we wish him well. Treasurer Maurice Boyd has kept our finances in good order and Secretary Kate Watson looks after our meeting agendas, correspondence, etc. We also thank our local M.P. Wade Noonan for the printing of our newsletter. The expenses relating to the newsletter have been considerably reduced now that many members choose to receive it via email.

At each meeting we aim to have speakers to bring items of interest to our notice. Our show and tell session when some members brought items to discuss was a great success.

Our speakers over the past year have been:

  • Sep 2017 – Brian Haynes – Willy Then and Now with photos from Iris Whitehurst’s brother
  • Nov 2017 – Treasures of the Members and the Museum
  • Jan 2018 – Ada Ackerly – Neglected and Criminal: Industrial Schools for Children from 1860’s
  • Mar 2018 – Brian Haynes – Gods Half Acre
  • May 2018 – Alf Pelns – Police Air Wing
  • July 2018 – Jenny McConnell – Tracing your Family History

The former Council Chamber at the Williamstown Town Hall will be our meeting venue, starting at 7:30p.m. and I do encourage all members to attend. There is plenty of parking space nearby.

Janet Long, Vice President