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Volunteers undertake many hours of research on aspects of Williamstown. This work is done solely by volunteers . We receive approximately 2,000 requests per year.

The current charge is $25 per hour in our own records, payable in advance.  This covers up to 5 sheets of photocopying or prepared report, sent to a postal address or an email address.

The Research Request form below asks you to complete as much known information as possible to assist the researcher and reduce the research time searching for material you already know. An initial fee is required to commence research and if the research is going to take more time you will be advised of the time needed with a request for a further fee which you can refuse, in which case we will send what we have in hand, in line with your pre-payment. Be aware that we may not have access to the information you seek, since many records, over the years, were lost or destroyed

Research Request


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