Our beloved Mechanics Institute closed for building works in 2018. We now have a temporary home at the corner of Woods & Laurie Streets, West Newport, 3015

The Williamstown Historical Society and Museum is a not-for-profit volunteer run organisation established in 1956 to preserve, conserve and promote interest and research into the history of Williamtown, Newport, Spotswood and surrounding areas.

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Williamstown Historical Museum is closing from February 24th 2018 and will be in storage for at least two years whilst the Mechanics Institute building is underpinned and refurbished. We expect that the Historical Society will have an office at the old West Newport kindergarten in Laurie Street



President’s Report, March 2022 Now that COVID related restrictions have been lifted let us hope we will have our bi-monthly meeting on a regular basis. In January we had a visit to the Castlemaine on Gem Pier. Although not a